Modern alarm systems are designed to communicate with a Central Station using cellular networks. As you know, cellular technology is constantly evolving and improving. The latest LTE cellular technology is upon us and the major providers are preparing to shut down the older services to transition to 4G. The cellular industry refers to shutting down the old networks as a "sunset".

Just like your personal smart phone, your alarm communicator must be relatively up-to-date to function. Many alarm systems with older cellular communicators will need to have those devices updated soon or they will cease functioning.

We will be performing communicator updates throughout 2020 and 2021. Our goal is to make the transition very simple by updating your communicator on our next service call. If you do not have a service call relatively soon, we will schedule a special trip for this purpose. This approach ensures that all customers will be up to date before the deadline negotiated with the cellular providers. 

We know that during these challenging times, families and businesses want to limit expenses. That is why we have decided to cover all costs of travel and labor to complete your update and will only be charging for the device itself. To reduce costs further, we have negotiated bulk pricing with our vendors. We recommend that all customers proactively schedule soon to take advantage of our current supply and discounted pricing, and to prevent future service outages. We are happy to offer flexible payment terms upon request.  

For more information please visit our Cellular Sunset FAQ page.

It is an honor to be your security alarm provider. Please know that we are committed to making this upgrade simple and easy for you. All of us here sincerely thank you for your continued business.