We created a system to offer improved security and faster response times, with value-added options and a simple user experience.

Is your traditional alarm system really doing its job? Your business deserves security technology capable of detecting intrusion events and minimizing potential loss. And you deserve freedom from false alarms. By employing False Alarm Reduction Methods, we increase the quality of your security and help preserve emergency response resources. By offering modern web-hosted platforms we make management of your systems simple and stress-free. By integrating Video Analytics and Verification, we make cameras do more than just record- they detect and deter potential loss incidents.


  • Remote cloud access allows instant updates and management
  • Full integration with camera, security, and fire systems


  • Face recognition, object tracking, and traffic counting provide insight into customer and employee behaviors
  • Virtual guard tours and remote intervention help reduce inventory loss and vandalism
  • Protect customers and employees by proactively preventing accidents


  • Modern smoke, heat, and flame detection increases safety and reduces false alarms
  • Local monitoring for fast, accurate dispatch
  • Non-traditional options such as air sampling and linear heat detection expand possibilities


  • Enables police dispatch with crime-in-progress Priority Response
  • Virtual guard tours, virtual assistant, live intervention, and more options fit any application
  • Compliment an existing security system, or add a new level of independent protection 


  • Protect people and property with technology you can trust
  • Customize real-time alerts by email, text, and app.
  • Encrypted remote control via phone app or web interface
  • Supervised, dual-path monitoring to our local Monitoring Center


Connect ONE is a web-hosted service for managing your Bosch security and/or access control system. The service not only provides many expanded management and reporting features, but also offers enhanced integrations with video and HVAC systems.