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Smart, Simple Commercial Security Systems


You know it’s time to improve your business security system. So let’s make it easier to protect your business.

Over 2.5 million burglaries occur each year in the U.S.—and 34% of those are small businesses. Burglars are more likely to target companies with weak security measures. You know it’s time to get serious about installing or upgrading a commercial alarm system…but why does it have to be so complicated?

With U.S. Protective Services, it doesn’t.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with commercial security systems that offer comprehensive monitoring, value-added options, and a simple user experience. We simplify your business security while making it smarter, so you reap the full value of your investment without the headaches and hassle.

Get peace of mind and freedom from false alarms

Your business deserves security and alarm technology capable of detecting intrusion events and minimizing potential loss. And you deserve freedom from false alarms. 

  • False Alarm Reduction Methods increase the quality of your security and help preserve emergency response resources
  • Modern Web-Hosted Platforms make management of your systems simple and stress-free
  • Video Analytics & Verification makes your cameras do more than just record—they detect and deter potential loss incidents

Get in touch with us today and we can start working together to improve your business security. As one of the top security services in Cleveland, you can count on us to implement the right security solutions and commercial fire alarm systems.

We’ll run you through some of the best security technology options and the latest commercial alarm systems. We’ll then help provide installation, as well as walking you through exactly how to use it. Protecting your business has never been simpler!

Commercial Security Systems + Comprehensive Monitoring

Smart, Simple Security for Your Business
Commercial Security Systems & Features
Access Control
  • Remote cloud access allows instant updates and management
  • Full integration with camera, security, and fire systems
Let’s Get Started Watch Video
Video Analytics
  • Object tracking and traffic counting provide insight into customer and employee behaviors
  • Virtual guard tours and remote intervention help reduce inventory loss and vandalism
  • Helps protect customers and employees by proactively preventing accidents
Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
  • Modern smoke, heat and flame detection increases safety and reduces false alarms
  • Local monitoring for fast, accurate dispatch
  • Non-traditional options such as air sampling and linear heat detection expand possibilities
Video Alarm Verification
  • Enables police dispatch with crime-in-progress Priority Response
  • Virtual guard tours, virtual assistant, live intervention, and more options fit any application
  • Complement an existing security system or add a new level of independent threat detection
Business Burglar Alarms
  • Secure people and property with technology you can trust
  • Customize real-time alerts by email, text, and app
  • Encrypted remote control via phone app or web interface
  • Supervised, dual-path monitoring to our local Monitoring Center

Connect ONE is a web-hosted service for managing your Bosch security and/or access control system. The service not only provides many expanded management and reporting features, but also offers enhanced integrations with video and HVAC systems.

Why choose U.S. Protective Services?

When you choose us, you’ll be investing in one of the most knowledgeable and well-established Cleveland security companies. We’ve been serving local businesses since 1969 and helped to keep many businesses protected over the years.

Our staff are security experts who receive constant training in order to keep with the latest security technology advancements. We have access to some of the most cutting-edge security products on the market. We offer services such as commercial alarm system monitoring so that you’re protected 24/7. We’ll personalize our service to your individual business, helping to make sure you’ve got the best security setup for your premises.

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Includes FREE, No-Obligation Security Assessment

When you request a quote, we’ll include a free onsite or virtual security assessment of your building(s), carried out by one of our trained security pros. This helps both you and us understand your specific needs so you get the best possible solution to meet them.

There’s no obligation. Even if you later decide not to go with us, you still get the findings of your assessment absolutely free.

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