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Introducing Connect ONE

Connect ONE is a web-hosted service for remote management of your Bosch security and/or access control system. The service not only provides robust control and management features, but also offers enhanced integrations not previously possible:

View the Connect ONE features

  • Seamlessly connect to multiple locations with a single login
  • Works entirely through a web browser from any device with Internet access
  • No software or servers to maintain
  • Automatic feature enhancements at no additional cost
  • Receive instant event notifications: via onscreen, email, or text messaging to your cell phone
  • Truly integrated burglar alarm and access control system, features such as: disarming by card or keyfob, restricting door access when the system is armed, unlock door schedules only when disarmed – easy handling of half-days or holidays, lockdown, and much more.
  • Integrates with video system to display, record or send video clips of system events
  • Easily track employee time in productive vs non-productive areas of the facility
  • Monitor, audit and report climate-controlled areas such as medication coolers
  • Save on energy costs with thermostats that follow the building occupancy
  • View and control thermostats remotely and even prevent unauthorized onsite use

Bosch users who have previously used RPS Lite should consider upgrading to Connect ONE. In most cases no equipment upgrade will be necessary. We will offer incentives for upgrading upon request.

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